Doman's Picture Dictionary CD-ROMs Expand Students' Vocabulary, Conceptual Framework

Glen Doman's approach to creating "baby geniuses" is to provide them with a little information about a lot of things. Once a person's "conceptual framework" is established, it becomes much easier to flesh out -- even when (or especially when) the individual is very young. But the approach also works for older students.

Reading Master, SkillsTutor and Doman's Picture Dictionary CD-ROMs all do more than just teach reading, per se. All three simultaneously teach basic concepts on which to build greater comprehension of many topics. But Doman's curriculum is very specifically developed to maximize this process.

Developed by Doman's Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, the CD-ROMs make it fun and easy for developing readers to build their spoken and reading vocabulary. Students are shown a series of single words and associated images. Each of Doman's 10 volumes contains 150 colorful images with large-print vocabulary words printed in English, Japanese, French, Spanish or Italian -- and each pronounced by a native speaker with appropriate accent. Students can begin the program with any volume and then move on to any other volume, so one set of 10 can service 10 students at a time.

The set of 10 CD-ROMs cover 1,500 vocabulary words on a wide range of subjects. The topics themselves indicate how students can simultaneously build a conceptual framework for intellectual growth by reviewing these CDs. Subjects include:

Vegetables Musical instruments Flowers Fossils Gymnastics Natural phenomena
Dogs Mammals Countries House plants Sports Whales
Cats Birds Flags Minerals Ships Nature
Nuts Computers Time Clothes Transportation Insects
Composers Reptiles Moons Colors Fish Constellations
Shells Butterflies Statues Muscles Jewelry Dinosaurs
Tools Planets Fruit Skeleton parts Herbs Tableware
Interesting places around the world Chemical elements Archeological ruins Mathematical symbols Works of great artists Parts of the brain

This very brief encounter with the CD-ROMs' 1,500 concepts will not only build a student's reading and spoken vocabulary, but will also help a student grow in his ability to comprehend additional ideas and concepts. For bilingual students, it will enhance their vocabulary in both languages if they will review the CD-ROM first in their native language and then in English.

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