Support Provided for
Pilot Project Educators

The International Education Institute utilizes an Internet-based video-conferencing system to provide training and regular support for all participating educators. This is a powerful system, allowing simultaneous audio, video, text, white board, and slide shows. We not only use this system to train our Pilot Project participants, but also provide it to Pilot Project participants for their independent use. They can use this system to provide live online counseling and instruction to migrant, homeschooled, homebound and other students not able to meet with educators at school.

YEAR 2: Early Education YEAR 2:
Grades 1-12
Frontline Phonics Reading Master
Reading Master Skills Tutor
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As part of our training, we will make the developers of the curricula used in this Pilot Project available to you. We will also invite current Pilot Project educators to share their insights. You can also call our toll-free number at any time to set up your own individual conference to get immediate training or assistance, as needed.

If you would like to try out a limited, free version of the online iConferencing system, go to and click on FREE SIGN-UP. Below a basic review of our Virtual Community, you will find a link for "HOW TO USE I-CONFERENCE." Click on that link and follow the instructions. It includes a pictorial review of how to use the iConference system, along with a link to the download site.