Obligations of Pilot Participants

Because Pilot Project participants are purchasing their own curriculum, albeit at a discount, it is difficult for IEI to insist on any contractual obligations. The only obligations we feel compelled to require of each participant are:

  1. Each school will administer the DIBELS test developed at the University of Oregon three times each year -- at the beginning, near mid-year and at year's end. The test and instructions on its administration will be provided. The test takes less than 10 minutes per child to administer. Last year DIBELS was administered to 450,000 children nationwide, so this provides us with a strong database with which to compare our Pilot Project assessment data.
  2. Teachers will also fill out a mid-term and year-end curriculum evaluation, based on their assessments and personal observations.
  3. Each school will have at least one representative "attend" a monthly online video-conference and relay important information on to other participating educators at the school.
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