Some of the different curricula being used in our Pilot Project can be reviewed online. For other curricula, particularly Frontline Phonics, you should order a sample teacherís kit.

At the bottom of this page you will find links to online samples for Reading Master and SkillsTutor Ė in fact, access to all 1100 SkillsTutor lessons.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact me by email or toll-free telephone, 1-888-664-5343.


To review the SkillsTutor classes, go to the IEI website (http://virtual-institute.us), click on the "1000 K-12 CLASSES" link, then the "SKILLS TUTOR LOG-IN." You can review any and all SkillsTutor classes by using my ID ("kharvey"), my password ("kharvey"), and my training site ("training001"). With SkillsTutor, our Institute also provides your staff and students with additional videostreamed courses, such as a Beginnerís Course on Using Computers, a course on Managing Your Time, and other basic computer and personal management courses to help your students excel. You can review some of these computer, business and improvement classes at http://virtual-institute.us under the "Video-Streamed Online Classes" link.


I suggest you go to http://www.yesread.com/sitemap.html for much more detailed information about Frontline Phonics. However, this is the curriculum that has attracted the most rave reviews, and I suggest you take advantage of the company's Ĺ-price sample Teacherís Kit if you have an interest in the Early Reading Pilot Project. You can return the kit within 30 days and tear up your P.O. However, I suggest you at least give that first kit to one of your kindergarten teachers to use supplementally this year. All the current Pilot Project teachers testify that the music will help kindergartners learn all the letter names and sounds within two months.

To get a sample Teacher's Kit from Frontline Phonics (strongly recommended for kindergarten and preschool), the company would like you to make out a Purchase Order for $149.95, plus 10% shipping. You can write on the Purchase Order that the P.O. is null and void if the sample curriculum is returned within 30 days. That has been approved by the company. So, if you decide to proceed with the Pilot Project or to keep the sample kit for any other reason, you honor your P.O. and weíll have you prepare a separate P.O. for any additional curricula you need. If you decide you donít want the Sample Teacherís Kit, just send it back within 30 days and cancel the P.O.

Frontline Phonics' vendor information is:
          1127 S. 1680 West, Orem, UT 84058
          EMAIL: jlant@frontlinephonics.com

          PHONE: 801-225-2255


Much of Reading Master's core curriculum is available online. These books are in a hybrid format similar to one of the four modes on the CD-Rom but stripped down and optimized for web delivery. If you want to have something tangible to review and want to avoid paying for an entire kit ($150 plus shipping), you may want to order just one CD-ROM -- the portion of the curriculum we most highly recommend. You can order a single CD-ROM for $15, including shipping.

ReadingMaster's' vendor information is:
          TPC, Box 16, Beachlands, Auckland 1705, New Zealand
          Phone/Fax 64 +9 536-5327
          EMAIL: grant@parent.co.nz

The process for downloading the Reading Master digital books from the Internet is to first download the player software by clicking on the USRMSETUP link below. After installing the player software, then click any or all of the book links to download the individual books.


Click this link to download the U.S. Demo setup: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/usrmsetup.exe

Users of older machines may need to use a different player - so if there is a failure to install above please try: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/shellinstall.exe


To download any of the Reading Master books, click the corresponding links below:

African Animals : http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/African.exe

Arctic Sounds Reader: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Arctic.exe

I love Berries Reader: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Berries.exe

Cats FB: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Cats.exe

Ducks Sounds Reader: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Ducks.exe

Family Sounds Reader: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Family.exe

Fluffy the Show Cat: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Fluffy.exe

Horses : http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Horses.exe

I Can Really Ride Reader: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Icanride.exe

Michael and the Rainforest Reader: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Michael.exe

NZBirds (A local file): http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/NZBirds.exe

Our World Sounds Reader:http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Ourworld.exe

Pets Sounds Reader: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Pets.exe

Planets: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Planets.exe

Rainforest Birds: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Rainbird.exe

Rainbow Sounds Reader: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Rainbow.exe

Safari Sounds Reader: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Safari.exe

Sounds FlashBook 1: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Sounds1.exe

Sounds FlashBook 2: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Sounds2.exe

Sounds FlashBook 3: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Sounds3.exe

Sounds FlashBook 4: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Sounds4.exe

Sounds FlashBook 5: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Sounds5.exe

Space Sounds Reader:Sounds FlashBook 1: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Space.exe

Weather: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Weather.exe

Whales: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/WhalesFB.exe

Whales Sounds Reader: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/WhalesSR.exe

Zoo Sounds Reader: http://www.readingmaster.com/downloads/Zoo.exe

Please have a look at the guidebook to the system on line at http://www.readingmaster.com/webpages/readingmaster_guidebook.htm visit our award winning website at www.readingmaster.com

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